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Threat from the big boys over the name 'The Hobbit' for a pub, but could Stella get away with it?

Ron BrindPremier Member - Click for more info
Ron Brind
Posts: 17324
Joined: 26th Oct 2003
Location: England
quotePosted at 19:10 on 13th March 2012


Honestly, who is it hurting and what profit might it be eating into?

Here in Oxford a man who studied law at one of our famous Colleges was told not to use a particular name, as is the case with this pub it seems. What he did was to say simply 'Not the' the name of the pub might now read 'Not the' Hobbit. Just to qualify, the words 'Not the' might be positioned at an angle of about 20 degrees across the front of the 'H' of Hobbit and in the case of the particular person that I have in mind, he got away with it!

If nothing else Stella all of the POE members will now know about your pub, so that can't be bad can it?

Good luck Stella if you choose to try it on!


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Sue H
Sue H
Posts: 8173
Joined: 29th Jun 2007
Location: USA
quotePosted at 20:21 on 13th March 2012

I read this article this morning.

It disgusts me!

These big, rich companies can just walk all over the little guy. 

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Dave JohnPremier Member - Click for more info
Dave John
Posts: 19242
Joined: 27th Feb 2011
Location: England
quotePosted at 21:08 on 13th March 2012

Things like this infuriate me. Pity these large conglomerates can't find better things to do. Their legal departments ought to get out more and get a life. If this goes through it could spell disaster for all sorts of businesses with similar themed names. I can think of loads as I'm sure everyone else here can. There is a great little pub in Whitby named after 'something' in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I'm sure Tolkein would not object to his iconic masterpieces being used. After all what better publicity could he get. There are enough small businesses going to the wall without these a****oles playing big brother. They ought to be embracing and helping not condemning. Am I allowed to say big brother......or will I be incarserated for inferring that George Orwell could be involved ! ! !

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sk lawson
sk lawson
Posts: 3122
Joined: 7th Oct 2010
Location: USA
quotePosted at 02:47 on 14th March 2012
Name it " The Purple Hobbit" and see if they give such an bad time to that name...but your correct, some people do anything to make trouble for others..just because they can....hum. I've been though this before with our freinds that owned an restruant and the naming of can get pretty sticky if it's an very common name.
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sk lawson
sk lawson
Posts: 3122
Joined: 7th Oct 2010
Location: USA
quotePosted at 02:50 on 14th March 2012
She could maybe call it.."Oh-forget it"...I can imagine by now that's how she feels.
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