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Poems by Jeannie

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Jeannie Fetters
Jeannie Fetters
Posts: 189
Joined: 8th Apr 2009
Location: USA
quotePosted at 15:17 on 19th May 2009
It's hard to fit in

When you are not sure what to say,

You try to get thing's right

But nothing seems to go your way.

You know that you have friends

That you can lean upon,

They comfort you through flowers, a card,

A hug, or maybe even a song.

Or invite you over for coffee

Or, maybe some lovely hot tea,

Call you on the telephone

Or, maybe just you & God down on your knees.

No matter what you are going through

Or, how rough your road has been,

Weither you fought with your mate,

Your friend, or closest of kin.

Your rainbow will shine again

Just keep looking toward the sky,

Don't dwell on the past, only the future

& stop asking yourself, "why?"

There is a purpose for everything

Weither good or bad, weak or strong,

We must learn to be wise & forgive

And, stop worrying weither we were right or wrong.

Try to think on the positive side

And not be negative on this, or that,

Stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve

And don't use other people for a floor mat.

Remember, you are a special person

With many talents others don't see,

Does this remind you of "you?"

Or, does this make you think of "me?"

We have all hurt in some way

And we feel sometimes like we can't go on,

But, we must take a stand, and believe in who we are

Keep whistleing & singing a song.

Pretty soon you'll be laughing

And carrying on again you see,

Our friends seem to bring out the best in us

Because, they believed in you and they believed in me.

Jeannie Fetters


"On Reflection"

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Location: UK
quotePosted at 15:27 on 19th May 2009
the worlds listening to you Jeannie (may not be talking today but were listening on POE)
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Ron Brind
Ron Brind
Posts: 19052
Joined: 26th Oct 2003
Location: England
quotePosted at 15:32 on 19th May 2009

I reckon you should title that piece............Jeannie - On Reflection. Like Michael says above, we are listening to you on POE!!

Well done Jeannie!

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Ruth Gregory
Ruth Gregory
Posts: 8071
Joined: 25th Jul 2007
Location: USA
quotePosted at 04:51 on 20th May 2009

It's a beautiful poem, Jeannie.  Thanks for sharing it.


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Jeannie Fetters
Jeannie Fetters
Posts: 189
Joined: 8th Apr 2009
Location: USA
quotePosted at 05:43 on 20th May 2009
Thank you very much. Sometimes God just puts the idea, in my heart and mind to write one. I sit and think about how I feel, and the atmoshpere around me. Sometimes the words come to me, faster than I can write. Sometimes I get stuck, and it may not come to me that day. I've decided to put all of them in here. I have been writing poems since I was about 16, or so. My mom has been writing since she was a teenager, she's wrote many a tear-jerker poems. She has 2 books done. My dream is to have them published for her, when the time is right. We dedicate all of our poems to our LORD, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We also dedicate them to my moms, mom, my grandma Ellison,I also dedicate mine to my brothers "Autry & Bobby"& my grandma & grandpa Milam. Grandma Ellison, who taught mom about Jesus, who taught me, as I have taught my kids, and so on hopefully they will teach there kids. Sometimes, I want to shout it to the world, that I love Jesus. However, I was taught to respect other people's opinions, even if I totally disagree with how they think. I try very hard to not "preach" gospel-Jesus-God down everyone's throat, so-to-speak.But, I will stand up, for my Jesus. I feel we believe merely what we are taught, and simply what we believe in our hearts. We as individuals, are accountable for our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions. So, to those of you whom do not believe in my Jesus, I will always still pray for you, as it is my nature. Yes, I am Cherokee, yes, I believe in the Spirit World, however, I believe that Jesus, is the ruler and King over the Spirit World as well as Heaven. For he is the ruler over everything. Not all of my poems are about Jesus, some are merely about life, and our everyday living. I hope you enjoy my poems. Feel free to comment at anytime. I will answer any and all questions, to the absolute best I can with all honesty. Even if it is graphic, but the rules still will apply with the rules of POE.For you may be contacted with the answer in your contact this member, for privacy and any and all reasons. Ron, is the oversee'er. If he disagrees--then I disagree as well. If POE disagree's --then I disagree. All rules still, and will apply. Your friend, Jeannie

Edited by: Jeannie Fetters at:28th May 2009 12:05
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Jeannie Fetters
Jeannie Fetters
Posts: 189
Joined: 8th Apr 2009
Location: USA
quotePosted at 16:27 on 20th May 2009
This poem was written out of fun, some is made up, some is true, and some does not represent my daily life, but some does. However this is how we are typically nearly everyday, without realizing it.

"Typically, It's Just How We Are."
Today is Monday & as I stepped on the scales,
And I began to weigh,
I was in shock,.....but,
Those 3 pieces of pie, sure did taste good today.

Hmm..I'll excercise later,
For now my T.V. shows are on,
What?....It's evening now?...Man, oh man,....
Where has the day gone?

Oh well, no bother,...
Tomorrow is another day,
I'll eat an apple or two,
Maybe, that will help it all even out someway.

At 9 p.m.----that chocolate ice cream,
was sure calling my name,
It's those stupid commercials,
Hey! Yeah, that's who I can blame.

It's Tuesday now,
And off to the diet club I go,
"Rat's!!" I gained 2 pounds,
Oh well, my mate will still love me though.

After Wednesday night church, we all went out to eat,
And had a jolly good time,
Can't believe I ate so much pizza,
Ahhhh!!...It's all going to go straight to my behind.

It's friday now,
And I'm so excited,
"Grand Opening" at "Momma's Country Kitchen,"
Our friends are going and we're invited.

Mashed Potatoes, Fried Okra & Fried Squash,
Corn on the Cob, Rolls & Fried Chicken,
Everything taste so good,
Mmm, mmm, mmm, & finger lickin'!!!!

Saturday night is here,
& it's hust me and my mate,
As I look at the huge,
Pile of Spaghetti on my plate.

I remembered I had gained,
2 pounds this past week,
I just love food!!!!
I can't help it I just get weak.

It's Monday again,
I had a dream I went to weigh,
2 my pounds...Ahhhhh,
I should have known I'd gain it anyway.

Tuesday is here again,
Off to the diet club I go,
I have no one to blame,
But, myself & this I know.

One must change their eating habits,
In order to succeed,
Junk food is merely something we want,
Not something we need.

Eating healthy & excercising,
Is something we all know,
But instead we sit on our rumps,
And prop up our toes.

I'm guilty of this to,
As my bowl of Cereal sits my be,
I should have bought more fruit,
But, it's to expensive, and ruins to fast you see.

I could give you an excuse after excuse,
And go on & on & on,
But in reality, some of us are just fat & lazy,
Am I right or wrong?

Jeannie Fetters
5-19th & 20th, 2009
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Jeannie Fetters
Jeannie Fetters
Posts: 189
Joined: 8th Apr 2009
Location: USA
quotePosted at 16:37 on 20th May 2009
Sorry for my mess ups "hust should be "just"

And "my" should be "more"

please forgive me. (I was eating "Apple Jacks" cereal.) I bought 1 bag-Apples, 1 bag- oranges, and about 7 bananas. At the first of the month, they were gone in on about 3 days. I'm glad my kids and their friends love fruit. I got 1 banana, 3 slices of an apple, and 4 slices or so of an orange. I will monitor them closer next time. (them little rascels)


Edited by: Jeannie Fetters at:20th May 2009 16:45
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Diana Sinclair
Diana Sinclair
Posts: 10119
Joined: 3rd Apr 2008
Location: USA
quotePosted at 16:42 on 20th May 2009
Jeannie, stop saying you're sorry. You have nothing to apologize for, everyone makes mistakes. Also, you can edit your spelling or anything else in you posts if you want to by clicking on the "edit" button at the upper right side of each post.
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Jeannie Fetters
Jeannie Fetters
Posts: 189
Joined: 8th Apr 2009
Location: USA
quotePosted at 16:52 on 20th May 2009
Thank you Diana. I tried that an hour ago, and messed up the first poem, trying to give it a title. I was so irritated. Thank you all for over looking mistakes. oh and Hello to you, Diana. Hope you are enjoying the poems. I may with my mom's permission first put some of her's in here.
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Richard Sellers
Richard Sellers
Posts: 4691
Joined: 16th Jul 2008
Location: USA
quotePosted at 18:34 on 20th May 2009

Wow,Jeannie(and hello)

Words like those are so rare and beautiful,Thank You...P.S.Share them with the world...

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