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Charlecote Park, WarwicksSteam Rally, Cotswold Airfield, Kemble, Gloucestershire 2009Durham CathedralSurreal sunset over Adderbury, OxfordshireSt Bartholemew, TongFemale holly blue butterfly....celastrina argiolus, Brantingham, East Riding of Yorkshire


DAVID DALEPremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 11:50 on 8th April 2018

I get around to areas that is distant from a town that is featured on this site.For Jenkin Chapel,the nearest towns would be either Macclesfield or Buxton. Neither came up for me, in other words a drop down asks for such a place. The nearest attraction that I could find is Goyts valley, the chapel in question is miles to the west.

The other one is a village Wildboarclough and I submitted three of the church there. here again I had to use Goyt Valley as the attraction just to get the photo through Again miles away from that valley. Buxton and Macclesfield comes up but with other attractions included, which I think would confuse people when looking for the featured place. I have just had a look at Picturesque villages and Wildboarclough is not there.

Is there something that could be done for instances like this, for eg just leave that box blank for you to fill in, which means a lot more work for you or allow the system accept what we put in that top box. 

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quotePosted at 08:57 on 10th April 2018

Hi David, in cases like this where we don't have the exact location / attraction for you to add the picture to, please just state in your upload description text that it needs a new location added for it, and we'll do it. Thanks again.


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