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quote | editPosted at 00:07 on 25th February 2016

Hi Chris & Sarah,

As embarrasing as it is after being a member for 10 years, I couldn't find my login information so I registered again.  As I told you in the e-mail, I am having trouble with the donation site.  It will not accept my debit card and there is plenty of money in the account so I don't know what the problem is.  It's working everywhere else.

Also when it brings up the donation page, it doesn't give me a choice of amounts.  I would like to donate more than 15 pounds.  can you please help me with these issues?  I'm not a member of PayPal and will not become a member.  Had lots of problems with them when I was doing tours.

Please help!! 



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quotePosted at 18:58 on 25th February 2016

Hi Cheri, good to hear from you. I've sent you an email regarding the problem with the donation page (thanks for pointing it out)

Hopefully the link I have sent you will solve the issue, and I will try and fix the page tomorrow.
I've also sent you your original login details so you can login using your previous account if you wish.

All the best and thanks for your generous support, it's much appreciated.
Chris & Sarah 

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