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Greater London Facts

Interesting and historical facts about Greater London.

  • The name Big Ben is not the name of the clock tower itself, but the name of the Great Bell inside the tower.

  • The tallest building in London is the Canaray Wharf Tower

  • London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway system, known as the tube.

  • There are 3 small rooms inside the Marble Arch which were used as a police station until 1950.

  • London was called Londinium by the Romans. The smallest Police Station in London is inside the Wellington Arch.

  • Near the fire station on the north side of Heathrow Airport was where the British Army made their first measurement when they began their Ordnance Survey mapping of Britain.

  • Along the A4 Bath Rd near Heathrow Airport was where the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin used to wait to rob the stagecoaches going to Bath from London. Before the airport's time, the area was known as Heath Row.

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